4 Letter Word

by hazy

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released May 31, 2018

all songs by hazy
except Easy Tears (by the Cocteau Twins) and Ozu (by hazy + Paul Kajander)

mixed by Stefen Urszulean
mastered by Andrew Lee




hazy Isle of Man

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Track Name: Here
meet me by the sea, waiting in the garden.
here, i picked you some flowers.
here, is all that you need.

maybe, it's hard to say-
easy. wash it away.
see u later until, see u i always will.

meet me by the water once more, i won't tell.
smile, there's no light to see that here
is all that you need.
here is waiting without you.
Track Name: Home Alone
walking through the snow, on the first day of march
thinkin bout all the things i haven't done
and all the things i wouldn't have done
if it weren't 4 ur love

making my way home, on a night of snow
thinking about hurrying on home
cuz no thing can make it alone
we're packed away, half gone
Track Name: Who By This Fire
it's getting darker and colder
i don't lift my hands
i feel this burning meat beneath my skin
it's rotting out our whole lives to stand like this
alone in front of the fire

who by this fire stands around with me
who by this fire holds ground with me
who by this fire put ur hand in the flame
and what is desire

this body is most certainly a jail it's oh so frail
and time is a sentence made up of many words
of love and of hate only to say
we're poets running on a stage

what is desire
what is your power?
Track Name: Easy Tears
love, without him. she oughta know, he owns himself

how many have loved her man
how he could've done that
he lived so long, so long
the phone rang
died so long so loved
the joys of love fed them

every softly day i go home
because you don't know love
Track Name: Ozu
the balcony you chose to smoke out on in the rain
it's pounding and it sounds like your name, no pain-
does it feel mundane?
to go on working, go on loving,
to go on hurting, going on nothing-
everyone the same.

and u'll be here still reading the headlines until
rain turns into snow to spring
i stay well to hear you.

the bottles all in rows, down until they're done.
how many words, how many books
just good luck misunderstood.
tell me what's the use, reading the headlines for news
rain turns into snow to spring
i stay well to hear you.
Track Name: Letter to Time
awoo, awoo

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